Advice for Airbnbs!

2018-11-07 01:04 #0 by: jordan

As part of my research project, I will be visit Airbnb residencies in my university city of Manchester! What I will be doing is investigating the feelings of home in a place advertised as 'home away from home', in the context of the evolving geographies of tourism.

I was wanting to know however, as I will be going for only one night at a time, what your essential items are for a short trip, and if you think I should take some food to make in the mornings!

2018-11-07 10:01 #1 by: Niklas

It sounds like a fun project!

Depending on what you need for the day after staying at the Airbnb, I would recommend:

  • 1 pair of clean underwear in right front jeans pocket.
  • 1 pair of clean socks in left front jeans pocket.
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc) in right back jeans pocket.
  • Mobile charger in left back jeans pocket.


In a home away from home I would expect to find bath towels, shampoo, bed sheets and stuff. Since BnB means bed AND breakfast, I would not suggest you bring your own food for breakfast. That’s part of the experience. I would also bring a sleep mask if I stayed there because I needed a place to sleep, but you are evaluating the experience, so finding out the noise level at night can be part of that.

2018-11-07 14:47 #2 by: Tammie

Each Airbnb has a description that says what it provides. I would read the descriptions for each Airbnb. Many don't provide a breakfast. Most have something you can chose to eat. What a fun research project. I hope you share your findings here.

Happy creating!


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2018-11-07 17:44 #3 by: Leia

I'd take your laptop/iPad or a book to keep you entertained if you're going alone!

All the best, Leia

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2018-11-07 23:34 #4 by: jordan

Thanks guys! I hope to have some data to share with you soon Glad

#1 Very good suggestions! Hopefully they do carry some of them amenities, obviously I'll check before I leave. Otherwise I won't be able to travel as light as I could do!

#2 Some do have breakfasts, or at least coffee utilities, it seems like it will be case by case for each lodging.

#3 I will definitely be taking my laptop! Part of the research is to interview the hosts, so I can use it to take notes as well as to occupy me in the evening!

2019-01-16 02:30 #5 by: Max

I use AirBnB quite a bit here in the Philippines, you can find some nice places at prices competitive with hotels.

I was also one of the early users of Couchsurfing which I enjoyed both hosting and staying at people's places. Having a place to stay for free in someone's house is quite a different experience and in many ways more uplifting. It must be galling for Cody to see someone effectively monetise their idea and become multi billionaires.

2019-01-16 21:18 #6 by: jordan

#5 While that may be true, hopefully he also feels pride in what he achieved himself, Couchsurfing itself is also largely successful. The experiences I had were very positive as well, from both a price perspective, but also finding out more about the city I now live in from people that have been here their entire lives.