2020-05-04 13:14 #0 by: Niklas

With Corona restricting how we can travel this summer, staying local and out of other people's faces is a good bet. What sights and experiences can you recommend around where you live?

Living north of Stockholm in Sweden, I think vikings must be fascinating to many outsiders. They lived from around 700 BC and until the 1200s. There are plenty of rune stones, burial sites, market places, and other traces of viking life around here.

Plan for a day to travel around some of these places. Bring a picnic. You won't find many restaurants or ice cream parlors along the route: car, motorbike, or bicycle lets you see a lot. Local buses and trains are other options.

This folder is a good starting point for a tour around Vallentuna lake, where you will find many viking monuments:

» Runriket tourist guide